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IMPORTANT: This purchase is for one License Key that you'll receive via email and have to activate on Discord via an automated bot.

Please join before you purchase to ensure you will not have any issues activating your license. If you are unable to join the discord, you will be unable receive your benefits. You MUST join to activate your purchase. Do NOT purchase if you are unable to join. Purchases made by users who are unable to join are not entitled to refunds. If you'd like to purchase for someone else, please put their email address so that they receive the license key.

Only compatible with Unity for Windows - not compatible with Unity for Mac/Linux at this time.


Finally available by popular demand, enhance your VRChat marketing effortlessly with HoloBadge, a hyper-optimized system built for VRChat users to make a lasting impression and stand out in the virtual world with ease.

Customize your style with an abundance of tailored settings while still being able to maintain a potential Green/Good performance rank. Streamline your setup with an automatic setup tool, allowing for one-step installation without any VRChat 3.0 or advanced Unity experience whatsoever!


  • Individually customizable logos/icons on the front/back of the badge, and in the banner
  • Easily type your desired tag/text without the need for external image-editing software
  • Optionally supply your own text/ad textures for further font/styling customization (template included)
  • Customizable color options for both the badge and banner
  • Optional world constraint controls from in-game Expressions Menu
  • *Supports up to 4 separate banners each with their own text/customization
  • *Optional Ad banner variant ideal for displaying more information at a time
  • *Supports integration with Password Creator optimal for use with Public Models
  • Automatic Write Defaults detection and compatibility with both on/off
  • Both Humanoid and Generic avatar support
  • Automatic VR/Desktop detection and custom follow target support
  • One-click installation/removal


  1. Basic Unity experience + VRChat SDK3 uploading experience.
  2. Latest Poiyomi Toon Shader - Tested with v8.1.167
  3. A validated license key for first time activation. License keys can be purchased from my store here, and validated by joining my discord and opening a ticket with my automated discord bot.
  4. An active internet connection while in Unity in order to use the tool - cannot be used offline.
  5. Only compatible with Unity for Windows - not compatible with Unity for Mac/Linux at this time.
  6. Pre-requisite import - VRChat Creator Companion SDK.

For more information, please see the full documentation.

Full Documentation

After purchasing, open a ticket in the Discord server and validate your license key sent to your email address to automatically receive access to product information/support channels and use the package.

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Unity Installation Speedrun:

Unity Installation Guide:

Terms and Conditions

This license is good for 1 purchaser (or user, if received as a gift), personal and private use only unless commercial license is purchased. The license key is only usable by 1 activated machine. A commercial license is required by any/all parties generating revenue from this product. Please view the full detailed Terms and Conditions and Store Rules.

For support and other inquiries, please reach out to me in my Discord server and open a support ticket.

Special Thanks to JeTeeS and Tinny for overhauling and optimizing the mesh for me from the original prototype 2 years ago.

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Last updated May 28, 2023

One License Key for HoloBadge

Product Type
Operating System
Poiyomi Toon Shader
Skinned Mesh Renderers
Material Slots
Particle Systems
Total Particles Active
Audio Sources
0 - 4
Parameter Memory
0 - 10
0 - 9
FX Layers
1 - 3
Animation Clips
6 - 28
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