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Only compatible with Unity for Windows - not compatible with Unity for Mac/Linux at this time. Now compatible with Windows 11!


ThrowaBall is a physics-based throwable object system built for VRChat users. It streamlines the deceptively difficult task of naturally grabbing and tossing an object with a modular automatic setup tool, allowing for 2 step installation without any VRChat 3.0 or advanced Unity experience whatsoever.

This is a system and only includes three default ball prefabs. Please import your own for more variety.

The Amongus Follower Fetch Demo featured in the showcase is also included as an example package.


  • Syncs ball position with other players
  • Drag and drop setup - works with any object, not just balls
  • Supports up to 8 balls per system installation
  • Supports multiple system installations to use multiple balls at once
  • Choose between two different throw force mechanics to suit your needs/preferences
  • Options to respawn the ball using a gesture, menu, or a physical button
  • Controls the throw force using a radial puppet
  • Allows ball to be grabbed (and thrown*) by other players
  • Customizable drag/bounce physics
  • Extensive modular options and animator API resources for creators to develop compatible prefabs
  • Automatic Write Defaults detection and compatibility with both on/off

* Throws by other players come with their own caveats due to VRChat limitations (See Disclaimer Below)


ThrowaBall is a unique throwable system as it is designed to both sync its position to other players, and allow other players to throw the object.

However, due to limitations with VRChat regarding the way player IK interpolates and delays between player clients, it leads to a sub-par/delayed throwing experience for players other than the avatar wearer who attempt to throw ThrowaBall. Throwing experience also deteriorates in accuracy at lower FPS.

The Include Remote Tracker option in the ThrowaBall installer adds complexity to the hierarchy and animator in an attempt to partially mitigate the delay in player IK, but it is far from a robust solution.

The only way to allow for players other than the avatar wearer to throw ThrowaBall seamlessly is to disable/sacrifice syncing the position of the ball, resulting in other players seeing the ball in a different location than the wearer.

The PhysJoint force mode has the ability to toggle off or omit position syncing entirely, allowing the avatar wearer to trade position syncing to prioritize other players' experience interacting with ThrowaBall.


  1. Basic Unity experience + VRChat SDK3 uploading experience.
  2. A validated license key for first time activation. License keys can be purchased from my store here, and validated by joining my discord and opening a ticket with my automated discord bot.
  3. An active internet connection while in Unity in order to use the tool - cannot be used offline.
  4. Only compatible with Unity for Windows - not compatible with Unity for Mac/Linux at this time. Now compatible with Windows 11.
  5. Pre-requisite import - VRChat Creator Companion SDK version 3.2.0 or newer.

For more information, please see the full documentation.

Full DocumentationPatch Notes

After purchasing, open a ticket in the Discord server and validate your license key sent to your email address to automatically receive access to product information/support channels and use the package.


Do You Create/Sell Balls?

Check out the Animator Pseudo API for making custom balls that integrate directly with ThrowaBall!

Create your own custom compatible balls while enjoying the features of ThrowaBall!

  • Automatic 3.0 Merging (Controller/Menus/Parameters)
  • Aliased System Parameters
  • Aliased Dynamics Parameters
  • Preset Control
  • Collision Parameter Control
  • Automatic Target Reparenting
Animator Pseudo API



In-Game Usage Tutorial:

Unity Installation Guide:

Terms and Conditions

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For support and other inquiries, please reach out to me in my Discord server and open a support ticket.

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Last updated Jan 25, 2024

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VCC 3.2.0 or Newer
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3 - 14
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3 - 7
Animation Clips
13 - 40
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